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The favorable geographic location of Etna Hut gives you the chance to know the Eastern Sicily visiting many places not far from our B & B.

The starting point will always Nicolosi, the "door of Etna”, as charming in winter as it is in summer.
The choice for your day to discover Sicily can be directed on several fronts: the mountain first, with truly unique landscape that Etna offers, but also the sea, with beautiful beaches such as the Playa of Catania, Taormina, Giardini- Naxos, Acitrezza or Portopalo. And still the history, art, culture and folk traditions in the baroque centres of Catania and Acireale; the craft of ceramics of Caltagirone; in the mosaics of Piazza Armerina and the Greek ruins of Syracuse.
This is just a taste of the extraordinary variety of proposals that Sicily Etna Hut offers and we are ready to suggest the most picturesque routes.
Finally, shopping, last but not least, in a holiday: from Etna Hut 15 minutes drive to Etnapolis, the largest mall in South Italy. However, if you love the old traditions and favorite local markets, even in this case we are happy to give you "tips for shopping".


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